Anaphylaxis and Auto-Injector Training

Anaphylaxis and Auto-Injector (EpiPen®) Awareness & Training (3 hours)



There are a growing number of people in the UK who suffer from allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis is a potentially life threatening condition.   


Anaphylaxis is the term used for a severe, rapidly occurring allergic reaction.  Allergic reactions usually occur when an individual's immune system responds inappropriately to the presence of a food or substance that it wrongly perceives as a threat.  


This 3 hour course is aimed at those who have responsibility for looking after children or adults in the workplace who suffer with the condition.  You will gain a greater understanding and awareness of the causes, what signs and symptoms to look for and will receive comprehensive advise and practical guidance on what to do when a reaction occurs.   This includes the use of various auto-injector devices.  


The topics covered on the course include: 

  • The history of Anaphylactic Shock up to the current day and the reasons for an increase in sensitivity in humans.
  • Anaphylactic Shock - The Anatomy and Physiology of what happens to the body and why.
  • Shock - why is it called Anaphylactic Shock 
  • The importance of Action Planning in relation to the Prevention and Treatment of Anaphylactic Shock.
  • Medication- Piriton and EPIPEN what will they do, how will they affect the body in relation to Anaphylactic Shock.
  • How to use an EPIPEN. Includes Practicals with Trainer Pens.
  • Discussion on different scenario's, i.e. dealing with a child or adult's very first Anaphylactic Shock if they haven't been diagnosed and prescribed EPIPEN.
  • Biphasic Anaphylactic Shock Awareness


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